Sord IS-11C

Little-known Z80 Clamshell

The Sord IS-11C is a rather uncommon Japanese laptop. I don't know too much about it yet, except that I had the opportunity to bid on seven of them a few years back and didn't. (That'll teach me!)

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The Sord IS-11C, when closed, looks a lot like the NEC PC-8401A, except for the microcassette in the upper right corner.
The Sord IS-11C

A look at the bottom of the IS-11C.  Note the backup switch, printer interface, and external keyboard connector.
The Underbelly

The back of the machine features expansion cartridge, printer, serial, modem, barcode reader, and power connectors, as well as the power, reset, and contrast controls.
The Back Panel

Still looking a lot like the NEC PC-8401A, the IS-11C has a full-size, albeit minimal, keyboard.
Open for Business

Typical for the time, the screen offered 8 lines of 80 characters.
A close-up of the screen

Logo and warning

Note the six function keys across the top and the escape and reset buttons in the upper left corner.
A close-up of the keyboard

Loading programs from tape is not an enjoyable experience, but once upon a time, the microcassette was the only practical portable storage medium.
A close-up of the microcassette drive

This is found on the outside of the case, on the backside of the screen.
The Sord logo

Mfr: Sord Computer Corporation
Model: IS-11C
Processor: Z80A
Op. Sys: Proprietary
Internal: 8
Data: 8
Min: 80K
Max: 144K
Input: 70-key Keyboard
Display: Mono LCD 80x8 char, 640x200 graphics
Cassette: built-in microcassette
Floppy Disk: optional 640K FDD
Hard Disk:
Serial: 1 RS-232C, proprietary connector
Parallel: 2 IDC connectors (16- and 34-pins)
Keyboard: Proprietary 20-pin IDC connector
Other: RJ-11 Phone Line, Barcode Reader
Expansion: Expansion Cartridge bay
Introduced: 1983
Size: 11.6 x 8.3 x 3.1 inches
Voltage: 7.2vdc 1.5A
Connector: Standard Line Cord
Polarity: + -(o- -

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