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Links from previous meetings

The links below are for Web sites visited and discussed at previous A.B.A.C.U.S. meetings:

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An incomplete list of Atari Web Sites (last checked March 2002)

In the volatile world of Atari, Atari web sites move and disappear, and new ones appear, all the time. Some people change their site's URL more often than they change their underwear. Do you really want to know such people, or view their pages? We will try to keep the list current, but we apologize in advance if you are unable to reach one of the sites listed below:


B & C ComputerVisions - dealer

Best Electronics - dealer

Goat Store - video game dealer (including Atari games) in the Midwest

O'Shea Ltd. - one million Atari game cartridges for sale - dealer

Articles on O'Shea Ltd. - magazine article collection on O'Shea Ltd. (see previous link)

ATARI Portfolio stuff from Germany - dealer

Systems For Tomorrow Home Page - dealer


ST Informer Magazine - The remains of Antic and Start magazines

Groups And Organizations

The Atari WebRing index pages (over 100 sites)

The ATARI.ORG Home Page

The Computers, Videogames and Arcade Collector's Ring Homepage

The Atari Historical Society

Classic Gaming Expo

Vintage Computer Festival

Hardware Resources

Atari Portfolio as a Linux-Terminal

New Jaguar video game console gadget (in French - use Babelfish to translate)

Other Resources

Little Green Desktop (new to this list)

The Atari Library - Atari 16Bit+ Computer Systems

The Atari Hyperlink launchpad (loads o' links to other Atari sites - a great resource)

Atari Central web site (no longer Toad Computers)

A3 - The Atari Article Archive

All known Atari 800/XL/XE Cartridges

Reagan Memorial (not an Atari site, but what the heck!)

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